Are you looking for happiness somewhere you can find it?

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English will not put mothers in trouble in Jesus Name, Amen!😂😂😂

Last Sunday, the children & I went for children’s mass. The older children all sat in the children’s area in front while my “clutch purse” – Zara, sat with me in the adult section.

We were both comfortably seated until after gospel when the doors were opened for late comers to enter. Lo and behold, i saw two plus size (raised to the power 2) sisters running towards my pew! I silently prayed they find my chair invisible and go to another pew but that particular prayer point no quick reach my daddy, because the 2 of them squeezed in and flopped down beside me! Almost squeezing the last night’s meal out of my nose!😭😭😭

Chei! I no go lie for you, small body get advantage and e get disadvantage too. So here i was, almost invisible on a pew i came early to balance in. Blood supply to my extremities almost cut off, struggling to catch my breath and listen to the sermon at the same time.

My daughter was very visibly uncomfortable too. She was sweating and couldn’t sit down. I asked her if she would prefer to go sit with her siblings. She was hesitant. So i said to her “Go and sit with Mercy so you can get comfortable”.

She quickly left.

I heaved a sigh of relief. At least na only me go suffer the squeezing.

A little while later, my little madam came back looking crest-fallen. Ah ah! What is it? Did someone beat you or make you sad? She didn’t answer. I asked and asked and asked until i started getting upset with her. Her face and whining and tears (yes, she had started crying at this point) was adding salt to the injury the 2 women’s buttocks was already giving me!

So i angrily sent her right back to her siblings! I warned her to stay there till mass is over if she did not want me to spank her.

After mass, i started asking her again why she was acting that way in church. It’s highly unusual for her to misbehave in church.

She still didn’t say anything. Which is doubly unusual because Zara talks like me! Plentiful! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I said to her “I asked you to go to Mercy so you can get comfortable and you come back sulking. What exactly was the matter?”

My daughter quietly responded (and I quote) 
“Mercy didn’t give me comfortable” 😳😳😳


Turns out that, my daughter thought that, comfortable is a “thing” that Mercy had in the bag!So she was upset that, Mercy refused to give her the delicious “Comfortable” that mummy had sent her to go and collect! 😝😝😝

If you laugh at my daughter eh, I will beat you! 😂😂😂😂

The truth is that, many of us are like my 3yr old daughter – looking for a concept as though it’s a tangible thing!

We are looking for Happiness in our husbands.

Looking for Peace in our children or family.

Looking for well-being in our family and friends.

When the fact is that, Happiness, Peace and Well-Being are all concepts that we need to have to discover and enjoy for ourselves! No matter what situation we find ourselves in.

Each and every one of us have the power to create our heavens withen us so that the hell without would not overcome us!

We just need to know ourselves thoroughly, build resilience and create focus! All of them, learnable skills.

Wouldn’t you give anything to maintain your peace in the midst of life’s craziness??


Amaka Chibuzo-Obi (Happiness and Wellbeing coach)

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