How to deal with anxiety and over thinking

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“Amaka, daddy na akpo gi” (Amaka, daddy is calling you)😧. Those words used to send so many shock waves down my spine back in the day when i was growing up!

It didn’t matter what time of the day I hear it, my 1st thought always was “God in heaven, what have I done again”?😂😂😂 I will rack brain front and back to figure out if I had messed up in any way.

I will sweat, fart and feel like going to the toilet, if I wasn’t so sure I hadn’t goofed somehow.

When I finally answer “the call” and he says something harmless like “go and get me drinking water”, I will feel like slapping myself across the face for the unnecessary headache I had caused myself!

See guys, anxiety is fueled by ambiguity.

We worry, ruminate, think and over-think most times because we aren’t sure about things. We don’t know what is beyond the surface.

How about we drop all that fear and worry and “get sure”?

Ask questions. Face the matter squarely and find out what it is.

Then and only then can you know how to find a solution.

We waste a lot of time anxious over matters that end up not being as big as we have made them out to be.

We fall into a thinking trap!

There are 5 major thinking traps and we inadvertently fall into at least one of them almost on a daily basis.

I talked about these thinking traps in my new book 5 ROUTES TO HAPPINESS WITHIN.

Get yourself a copy for FREE at and see if you have been in a trap you fell in with your eyes wide open!

5 ROUTES TO HAPPINESS WITHIN is a 25 page, easy-to-read guide on how we can find Happiness in-spite of circumstances around us.

I look forward to getting your feedback after you are done reading it.

Stay happy, stay well.

Lots of Love
Amaka Chibuzo-Obi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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