Encouragement to help you move on from past mistakes

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Many of us have come a long way from who we were years ago. Many of us have really grown.

I, personally, have grown astronomically!

The last 8 years of my life, I have grown in ways I didn’t even know i needed to grow! In ways i didn’t know i COULD grow!

I have learnt so much about myself. I have changed many beliefs I had. I have grown my mind, my heart and my soul!

I have grown to love me.

I have grown to BE me.

I have grown to forgive me and the MANY MISTAKES I made in my past.

Ohh, boy! I made many many mistakes!!

But I accept them all.

Because they ensured I realised there was a better way to BE and they made finding the better way all the more profound for me!

Many people see me today and think of me the way they knew me years ago.

Ohh, I am sorry to tell you that, that Amaka isn’t the one standing before you today.

I have worked really hard to grow and outgrow the Amaka of yesteryears.

And I am still growing. Because I want the Amaka of tomorrow to be positively different from that of today

So today, I want to encourage someone out there.

Don’t stop growing and developing yourself.

And this includes your beliefs, your values, your mindset, your reasoning.

Humans are dynamic. They grow and evolve.

You can not be static. You are not a bag of cement!

And as you grow and develop, do not let anyone shame you because of mistakes you made in your past.

Shaming a person because of something they did in the past is like holding on to food someone made last week even though it is now sour, rotten and smelly!

Throw it away and move on, ohh ye who has no sin!! 🙄🙄🙄

Is there someone out there who, sometimes, remember something they did in the past and cringe in shame and disgust?

Or are afraid that one day, it might come to bite you in the butt?

You cannot keep living in the past. You need to forgive yourself and let things go.

No one is without a past. Even though some may be more colourful than others, but we all have a past. You are only human. Mistakes is a part of living.

Once you have truly and sincerely turned away from that mistake, it is time to drop the baggage.

The shame belongs in your past. It isn’t yours to bear today.

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