Are there people born with no talents or gifts?

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I used to think i was talent-less.

I used to feel cheated.

Like i was sent on an errand or completely unavailable the day God was sharing talents to His creations 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

All around me, i had people who could sing, dance, sew, draw, bake etc, naturally. Not like they learned how to.

I couldn’t do any of these.

And because I felt those were THE talents, I felt cheated and wasn’t happy. For a long time.

I lived for almost 30 years believing I was talent-less.

Until I started my personal development journey. I started being self aware.

THAT was when I realized that, those things I had commonised, those things I overlooked, those things I paid zero attention to, were actually talents and great ones too!

For as long as I can remember, I have been called “onye nta akuku” (meaning a talker in Igbo language or “talk talk”like we say in Nigeria😉😂) – [Vocal, Expressive, a great social communicator]

For as long as I can remember, I have been told my voice is “different”. [Unique tone of voice]

For as long as I can remember, I have been a story teller. I am that person that tells you a movie and you don’t need to watch it again. Because my description while telling a story is so vivid you will feel you have already watched the movie!😅😅😅.

I also have this ability to listen to a person and give great counsel. Have been this way since childhood!

Funny thing is, those talents, which I thought were useless have been my source of income for 7yrs now.

Today, I am a
✅ Radio talk show host
✅ An event emcee
✅ A voice over artist
✅ A script writer & media content creator
✅ A Transformational coach and counselor.

And there I was thinking I was talent-less.

Look guys, everybody created has SOMETHING deposited in them that God intends for them to use to serve the world.

So no one  is talent-less!


You probably have just been overlooking that gem inside you.

We have what we need to thrive inside us. We just have to look deep and patiently.

God asked Moses (when He wanted to send him to Pharaoh and Moses was scared shit less😅😅) – “what is that in your hands”. That tool in Moses’ hands ended up being the tool for signs, wonders and deliverance for the children of Israel.

So in these trying times, I ask you “What is that in your hands? What is your ‘talent’? What is your GEM?”

Figure it out and bring your shine to the world!

© Amaka Chibuzo-Obi
❣️Transformational life Coach and family life counselor ❣️

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