How to inject yourself with a dose of self confidence on the go

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I battled self-confidence issues as a teenager and young adult.

In fact, I was already well into adulthood before I started learning to grow my confidence and self esteem!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I have come to realize that, Self confidence is an essential tool for effectiveness, growth and success. It equips us to stand tall and chase our goals without fear. It gives us the courage to face life.

Low self confidence is wicked! It keeps us small, afraid and in a state where we constantly make mistakes as we try to stumble our way to acceptance.

Low self confidence can lead to anxiety, worry, sadness, fear and could affect our overall performance adversely.

Even now, I still have times when circumstances around me try to erode my self confidence. I catch myself questioning my abilities and capabilities.

But I have learnt how to manage it, on the go.

And here, I share some of the tips that work for me

Here are a few tips to help you inject a dose of self confidence whenever and wherever you need to get a boost

    1. Call up past successes: Remind yourself of a time when you were super confident, effective and absolutely amazing! Recalling times like this will help you feel better and more confident in yourself
    2. Remind yourself of your uniqueness: Remember that even with over 6 billion people in the world, there is just one YOU! You are THAT SPECIAL!
    3. Talk to someone who makes you feel good: There must be at least one person you know who makes you feel good and worthy and loved. Have that person on speed dial for times when you need a quick dose of self confidence. Call them up and let them work their magic on you

Being able to recharge our self confidence tank as we go through the day, will go a long way to help us improve our effectiveness and life balance

Amaka Chibuzo-Obi

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