3 questions to ask yourself to help you overcome the fear of speaking up

Published by Amaka Chibuzo-Obi on

Most of us are hopeful that this new week will bring great, new things our way but he truth is that, we may just need to step out of our comfort zones a little bit and take bold actions to make that happen. We may need to approach an influential person, or sell ourselves to larger audiences than we are used to.

When you want to speak up in front of many people or you want to approach an important person or you want to break into a new arena – and that tiny voice stops you from venturing out saying to you “you’re not good enough. Who do you think you are? What if you fumble? What will people think of you?”

How do you reply such mind chatter and thoughts?

Here are 3 questions you MUST ask and sincerely answer, that can help you challenge those limiting voices in your head
1. Ask yourself, “what exactly am I afraid of? What EXACTLY is making me feel I am not good enough?” Trace this feeling back to the root. It could be something like” I am not pretty enough” OR “I don’t speak good enough English” OR “I might make a mistake”. Whatever the case, you 1st need to figure out WHY you feel the way you feel.
2. Ask yourself, “if my life depended on this action I want to take, is this feeling strong enough to keep me stuck?” The reason many of us give in to the feeling of inadequacy that keeps us down is because we feel we have an alternative. We feel there is an option. We feel we can get away with NOT taking action. If you equate taking that action with fighting for your life, you would see that that feeling isn’t strong enough to hold you back
3. Ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen if I take this action?” Think about the worst case scenario and make a plan to mitigate the effect of this worst case scenario IF ever it happens. Because the truth is, this worst case scenario it may NEVER happen.
Go out today and this week and begin to take productive, positive, bold action as if your life depends on it. Because the truth is – it actually does!
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