5 signs to show you are living an unbalanced life (work/life balance for women)

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Balance, Balance, Balance! We hear this all the time – in posts, seminars, radio talk shows, motivational speeches and so on.

But for a lot of people, it’s the situation of “e enter one ear, e fly comot for the other ear”😂😂 (meaning: you hear the words but you do not really pay attention to them)

A lot of us don’t stop to consider how balanced or unbalanced our lives are and what we can do to make it better. We wake up each day, run around and around till night, struggle to get some sleep at night, wake up the next day to rinse and repeat!

Many people live day to day, so out of balance that they are slowly but surely burning out and losing their minds.

An out-of-balance life has been linked to many physical ailments like high blood pressure, sleep disorders and so on. As well as a plethora of negative emotions like anger, irritability, resentment and so on.

In as much as living an unbalanced life is highly discouraged and not recommended, many people don’t even know the signs of an unbalanced life!

So how do you do better when you don’t even know you aren’t?

Let’s look at a few signs that will tell you if you are living an unbalanced life, so you know if you ought to make some adjustments in your life

1. You wake up from sleep tired and already overwhelmed by what you have to do in the day. You haven’t got out of bed, but you are already up to your neck in things to do.

2. You begin to get forgetful – important dates and events are missed, food burns on fire frequently, you overpay or under pay for things you buy, you forget to collect your change from the seller, you forget that you are not wearing bra as you dash out of the house, or you forget to wear a pad to bed on the 2nd day of your period!🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ Things are like that.
(This last one, legit, happened to me personally. I told the full story in my new book: BALANCE IN STILETTOS – Finding harmony in an overwhelming world.).

3. Weird things begin to happen to you – you suddenly catch yourself wearing 2 different ear rings, or 2 different shoes/slippers out. Your heart and head constantly feel full, even when you can’t figure out what EXACTLY is making them so. You feel like you are drowning in a sea of things that need your attention and you can’t seem to find a life-line.

4. You find yourselves getting more irritable and angry than normal. You notice you snap at your kids or partner even when you don’t really mean to. You feel bad afterwards, guilty and sad but you can’t seem to help yourself. Your body just doesn’t feel settled and you feel like you want to vent on someone or something.

5. Your physical health takes a turn that isn’t normal for you. You begin to find that you have consistent headaches, tummy aches, heart palpitations and so forth. You experience tiredness often. You suddenly have difficulty sleeping or feel like sleeping all the time. You just know your system isn’t operating at optimum but you feel powerless to do anything about it.

If any of the above describes you, then you need to, as a matter of urgency, find ways to restructure your life to attain some level of harmony. Because, the only way you can live a thriving, happy. satisfying life is when you have found a way to create harmony and balance around the various hats you have to wear.

It will help you a great deal, to get a copy of my new book: “BALANCE IN STILETTOS – Finding harmony in an overwhelming world”, to see practical ways you can get this done, as explained by the real life stories of 6 women, including me!

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