The only book that teaches work/life balance for women in a relatable, practical manner!

Meet the author - Amaka Chibuzo-Obi

My name is Amaka Chibuzo-Obi. I am the founder of a platform called Wivesroundtable – a platform with a sole mandate of helping women lead wholesome lives by bringing them valuable information, access to resources as well as relevant resource people, that can help them make better decisions for their life and wellbeing.

I started Wivesroundtable, as a radio talk show, in 2013 after 7 years of working in the corporate world. Through Wivesroundtable, I have come in contact with over 250 women from diverse walks of life, one-on-one via the radio show. 

At a point, I was practically going crazy! I had so much to do, so much new ideas to work on and so many people to support. I was losing my mind! I got a wake up call sometime in 2017 and that particular incident shook me and made me realize I couldn’t keep living the overwhelming, stressful life I was living. 

I initially thought that this overwhelm I was feeling was peculiar to me and that I, probably wasn’t ‘wise’ enough to prevent it. But as I spoke with more and more women, I realized – overwhelm, stress and imbalance is almost a pandemic in the world of women!

And so I decided to do something to help. I used my knowledge as a certified Life and Confidence coach, a Family Life practitioner and a woman who has rallied together hundreds of women under the Wivesroundtable platform, to put together this book – “Balance in Stilettoes – Finding harmony in an overwhelming world”.

I say “this is more than a book. It’s a ministry!!!” It has the capacity to liberate women who have been struggling with finding balance in their lives, and helping them create that harmony and peace they so strongly desire……..and deserve!

What a cross section of readers are saying

The book is so real! The author didn't paint words or try to twist the truth. She said things exactly as they are! This book will help wives (current and intending) prepare ahead of time for the realities our mothers failed to prepare us for. If you love any woman in your life, you should get them this book, so that they can live happier - as you would too!
Amala Okafor
What an interesting read! I read this cover to cover and wow, it was very informative, inspirational as well as empowering both to young or old, male or female. It will help the men folk gain some in-depth understanding of the yawning aspirations and needs of the women in the family and the work place. I will recommend it to as many as I can draw attention to!
Nnamdi Donatus
Engineer (USA)
What I love about this book is the story telling that the author used to drive home very crucial facts. This is a book that, as you read, you don't want to drop it. I could see myself in a lot of the stories shared in this book. I used to be the 'super power' kind of woman who wanted to do everything herself. Until I slumped and passed out one day at home. That was my wake up call. Now, I know that, it is important we have balance in our lives, so that we can fulfill our Purpose. Amaka, THANK YOU for writing this masterpiece!
Ogechukwu Nzewi
Family Life Coach/ Speaker
I read this book cover to cover and at some point, I thought the author lived in my house with me! I am trying not to sound cliché, but seriously, she simplified this thing called Balance that people have been raving about! The simple words made it easy to relate with. The book will gently push you to take needed and necessary action. The stories make you feel like you can do it! If you are having a party or conference, this book will be a perfect souvenir for your guests, if you really love them!
Ope Anipole
Marketing communication expert

Balance in Stilettos - The only book that teaches work/life balance for women in a relatable, practical manner!