Confidence GamePlan Program

Are you tired of being shy? Of being afraid to stand up and speak up, of battling low self esteem and lacking the confidence to do the things you really want to do?

Can you relate to any of these

If ANY of the above resonates with you, then you are EXACTLY where you ought to be!

You absolutely need to join

The Confidence Gameplan Coaching Program

In this program, you would 

  • go on a self exploration journey that will help you discover that things that have been limiting you and keeping you stuck
  • learn practical, easy-to-implement skills and strategies, you can use to overcome negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs so that you can paint precisely, a picture of the future you desire and confidently start working towards it
  • get the resources and support you need to keep fear and self doubt at bay on a daily basis, so you can reach your goals and dreams
  • learn how to, CONFIDENTLY, show up online as well as offline, through effective public speaking and live video skills

And so much more!!

What people have said about this program

I have been struggling with fear and self-doubt for the longest time. I got onboard the coaching program with Amaka and in less than ONE month, a lot had changed about me! She taught me practical methods I can use to tame my mind and overcome my fears, I had a major shift in my life! These days, I walk around feeling enough! I go through life knowing I am capable of ANYTHING and only I can stop myself!
Entrepreneur/Security Consultant
Amaka Chibuzo-Obi is one coach I must recommend for anyone struggling to make an impact and live a fulfilling life. Amaka coached me like she knew my fears personally! She taught me how to tame my mind, declutter my life, set effective goals, craft my message, speak better publicly and even approach brands and influential people for collaborations/partnerships! Go to her today if you need a reliable coach that will practically hold your hand till you let your light shine. Her coaching style is the best I have seen in recent times!
Teen Coach/Public Speaker
I struggled with low self esteem, shyness and fear. Amaka Chibuzo-Obi worked with me for 2 weeks only and those were the best 2 weeks of my life! My confidence improved significantly and for the first time, I was able to clearly visualize the life I wanted and how to develop a roadmap to get there. My mind opened up to many possibilities. She was supportive, passionate, patient and very willing to carry us along. I recommend her as the NUMBER ONE person to speak to if you are a female entrepreneur struggling with self doubt and other limiting beliefs.
Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur

This is a 5-week, 6 Meetings exclusive, one-on-one coaching program

Program Cost

Are you worried you may not get value from the program?

If at any time during the program, you feel like you are getting any value, you payment will be refunded!