My Services and Offerings

Counselling/Clarity Session

Counselling sessions to help you unburden, clear your mind and thoughts and develop a concrete road-map to healing and breakthrough. Sessions charged by the hour. 10k naira ($30) per hour. 1st 15 mins absolutely FREE!


A 4 week one-on-one coaching program called The Breakthrough Gameplan™ to help you set goals that will lead you to succeed, break down limiting patterns that have stopped you from achieving past goals so you can crush your current goals. Program Cost - 50k ($130) for 4 weeks.


More 2 Me

A 6-module online course for women who believe they are made for much MORE in their lives. Women who need to birth MORE from their lives. Women who wish to maximize their fullest potentials to create the life they desire.

Communication for
BLISS in relationships

A 5-module course that fully equips you to improve your relationship and your life through effective communication. You will learn how to reduce & probably even eliminate misunderstandings resulting from mis-communication

Free to download E-Books

5 Routes to Happiness Within

How to rise above circumstances to find true happiness. If you are a woman and wish to take control of your life and determine your own happiness irrespective of what is happening (or not happening) around you, then you NEED to get this book!

The Unstuck Woman

A simple guide on how women can break free from limitations holding them back from living an unfulfilling life. A book that will help set you on the path towards living to the fullest of your potentials