Now, you can finally, kick fear, self doubt and lack of confidence out of your life!

3000 naira only!

Fear, self doubt and lack of confidence has cost so many people so much! Opportunities have been lost, relationships, broken, lives being lived dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

If you are

  • tired of constantly doubting and second guessing yourself
  • tired of being afraid to take bold steps that will help move your life forward
  • tired of lacking the confidence to stand up and shine forth, to be the star you are created to be
  • completely tired of being small and living scared

then this E-book was specially crafted for you! 

To help you get to the root of all these unhelpful phenomena and finally BREAK FREE, so you can live the live you truly desire!

About the Author

  • My name is Amaka Chibuzo- Obi
  • I am a Life and Confidence Coach
  • I lived with self doubt, fear and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy for so many years
  • Today, I help women, with tough past experiences, overcome these limitations, so they can gain the confidence to thrive in their careers and life
  • I am the creator of “The Impact Gameplan” – my signature framework which I use to coach women gain Confidence, Clarity and Capacity to earn more
  • If you would like to be coached by someone who doesn’t just have the knowledge to help you, but who has also walked the journey, then you should talk to me
  • You can reach me on Instagram @amakachibuzoobi or send me an email to amaka@amakaobi.com

What people are saying about this e-book

3000 naira only!

"Woman break free" is the answer to the challenge a lot women have, when it comes to being confident in themselves and building their dreams. This e-book would help women rise above their mental limitations and build the confidence they need to live the life of their dreams. You'd be inspired to soar regardless of your current stage in life after reading.
Karimot Isiaka
Life Coach
I found this book to be very well thought out and easy to read The author's confidence and brutally honest style of delivery , in addition to the practical exercises you will need to do in this book, the reader is also armed with the right skill set to break free from from self doubt, fear and lack of confidence, so as to live the life you were destined to live I recommend this book to every woman who wants to live above average.
UC Samuel
Impact Entreprenuer